Can NetEnt Slots Be Rigged? Understanding the GamePlay

  • Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

It has become a debate whether online casinos rig their games to boost their profit margins. Given the paradigm shift from land based casinos to online casinos, most people are catching up with the latest advancements taking place. NetEnt hails as a major software developer in most of the available slots in online casinos. As a leader in the slot production, many question the procedure the firm's put in place to ensure it offers players with fairness at 1netentcasino .

How NetEnt Operates

Before operating on a global scene, a gaming company must seek the licenses for operating in different countries. Same apples to any legit business taking place across boundaries. NetEnt is a registered member of the UK Gambling Commission which offers gambling licenses. It is also a member of the Malta Gambling Authority. Before gaining operation licenses, the regulatory bodies ensure that the slots offered at the online casinos are legit and fair to the players such as at walthamreads .

What does the licensing process for NetEnt involve? First off, the slots are tested by the regulatory bodies. This includes each single slot game offered by NetEnt to the online casinos. There are standards set by the regulatory bodies that must be met by the gaming firms. After testing, the slot games are approved by the regulatory bodies to operate at the casinos. As proof of the approval, a certification is offered for each of the slot games.

About Random Number Generators

Have you heard that an online casino offers legit slot games because the outcomes are totally random? At some level this could be true, but there is a general lack of understanding of how casinos ensure the slots offer random outcomes for their results. The Random Number Generator forms part of an computer program that emits random outcomes for each of the results from spinning the reels. It ensures a high level of fairness at the casino.

What does the RNG mean to your game play? It means that slots are purely a game of luck and does not require a strategy to beat the slot machines. Have you heard of people weighing the intervals between one win and the next? Well, this is completely useless since the outcomes are purely random and not based on a sequence of wins and losses. The RNG works without any external input to produce an output.

How to Win Despite RNG

Even though the outcomes are completely random and there is no strategy to beat the RNG, you can still improve your game play. How can you have a winning chance with slots? Well, you need to have a deeper understanding of the game play. You need to calculate the rate of return to player at the particular slot machine. Weigh your options if it is profitable in case you win at the slots.

Secondly, you need to understand the variance for the particular slot game. Variance deals with the risk level posed by a particular slot game. In case you aim for a large win, it is advisable to go for the high variance slot games that provide a high risk also. However, if you are playing on a budget, it is preferable to start with the low variance slot machines that offer small wins frequently as you build your bankroll.

In A Nutshell

NetEnt slots are not rigged, your chances of winning are purely based on random outcomes as a result of the random number generator. Therefore, you should not rely on strategies since it means useless with the random outcomes. However, you can improve your winning chances by understanding deeply the return to player rates and variance of each of the slot games. Before playing at an online casino, ensure its licensed and there is certification of the slot machines.